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Getting the most out of your crops at each of the growing stages is easily accomplished with our Yieldbuilder family of foliar nutritionals. These innovative products have proven highly successful with crops of corn, soybeans, and wheat. Try our newest products of Podfiller, Headfiller, KernelFiller, and GrainFiller.


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Elevate Plus

Tri-Ag’s #1 Selling Foliar Nutritional Product

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Elevate Plus simply works. Tri Ag’s #1 selling foliar nutritional product has proven itself on hundreds of thousands of acres in all crops; corn, soybeans, and wheat! Elevate Plus will not let you down either as a planned vegetative pass or to help “fix” a stressed-out field. Elevate Plus is a low-use rate foliar product for all crops that provides superior stress mitigation and plant nutrition with highly available ingredients.

  • To alleviate yield-robbing stress and restore hormonal balance.
  • 100% available plant nutrition.
  • Efficient delivery of tank mix partners.
  • Excellent source of Sulfur.

APPLICATION & RATE: Apply as a foliar spray at 1 qt./A., with or without herbicides and fungicides, in the vegetative growth stages of all crops.


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NEW AND IMPROVED! How can we improve upon one of the most consistent soybean foliar products to ever hit the market? How about adding the convenience of half of the previous rate while adding NanoBond™ NanoLiquid technology for both improved nutrient uptake and performance!

  • Higher Yields!
    • 2021 Syngenta GrowMore Research demonstrated a 7.3 Bu./A. advantage to PodFiller.
    • 2021 On-farm side-by-sides averaged 4.7 Bu./A. advantage to PodFiller at R3.
    • Many customer testimonials have shown even higher yield advantages in fields under extreme moisture stress.
  • Now includes NanoBond 4Z, nano particle technology!
    • 2022 Beck’s PFR data showed a $20.48/A. ROI when utilizing NanoLiquid technology with fungicides at R3 now included in PodFiller.
    • ABG Ag Services in Sheridan, IN tested multiple replications of NanoLiquid technology and saw a 2.4 Bu./A. advantage over fungicide alone in 2021, now included in PodFiller.
  • Stimulate nodules to increase nitrogen production for larger soybean size.
    • The incredible load of Sulfur at 8% helps to promote late-season N fixation.
  • Drive tank mix partners into the plant.
    • The high rate of potassium acetate in conjunction with NanoLiquid technology, helps to drive more tank-mixed fungicide into the plants for higher ROI.

APPLICATION & RATE: Apply as a foliar spray at 2 qt./A., with or without fungicides and insecticides at the R3-R4 growth stages.

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NEW FOR 2024!

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NEW! Wheat used to be that crop you planted to spread manure on or for that summer tile project. Not anymore! High-management wheat is now a cash crop growing in popularity due to both favorable market pricing and how well wheat responds to high management. If you want to maximize every last bushel of wheat you can harvest, then HeadFiller tank mixed with fungicide is the latest YieldBuilder product for you!

  • Excellent source of sulfur
    • HeadFiller provides an efficient and diverse delivery system for sulfur, making it a great part of an overall S management strategy
  • Drive tank mix partners into the plant for faster absorption of active ingredients
    • Both the high rate of potassium acetate, Fulvic Acid, and NanoBond 4Z, nano-particle technology in HeadFiller, helps drive fungicide tank mix partners into the plant for a higher ROI
  • Fulvic acid & micronutrients
    • Fulvic acid aids in micronutrient efficiency
    • A diverse mix of micros needed by wheat: sulfur, zinc, manganese, copper, and boron
  • Potassium acetate
    • 40% faster absorption than all other K carriers!
    • Aids in disease resistance for a healthier flag leaf and higher yields.APPLICATION & RATE: Foliar apply to Wheat at 2 qts./A. from Feekes 9-10.5.3 (from Flag Leaf to when flowering is complete)
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NEW FOR 2024!

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NEW! One of the new additions to the YIELDBUILDER family of foliar nutritionals is a product designed to "FILL" the kernels of corn. KernelFiller is for the high-yield corn grower looking to push yields further by aligning nutrient demand with the timing of pre-planned applications. Help maximize the kernel flex of today’s elite corn hybrids with KernelFiller!
Late season nutrient demand is high and often overlooked

  • Nutrients needed after V14:
    • 58% of the Sulfur
    • 46% of the Manganese
    • 55% of the Zinc
    • 38% of the Boron
  • KernelFiller supplies all 4 of those ingredients including 8% Nitrogen
    • The perfect tank mix partner for VT fungicide applications or R3 fungicides targeting Tar Spot
  • Mixes easily with fungicides


  • A timely part of an overall spoon feeding approach to Sulfur management

APPLICATION & RATE: Apply as a foliar spray at 2 qt./A., with or without fungicides and insecticides at the R3-R4 growth stages.


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NEW! GrainFiller™ was designed to be used as part of a personalized program to either push yields higher or prevent further losses. If you are looking to take yields even higher, one last push at the very end of the season could be what your crops are needing to make them your highest-yielding yet! However, sometimes late-season Nitrogen deficiency robs crops of their optimum yields. In those situations, GrainFiller™ could provide the proper nutrition needed for a quick recovery.
If you are seeing Nitrogen deficiency during grain fill.

  • At the very end of the season in all crops, corn, soybeans and wheat, Nitrogen is being remobilized from plant parts to the developing grain. At that time, if Nitrogen is lacking for any reason, the addition of readily available N can help to “fill” the developing grain.
  • To pack more weight into each grain and/or enhance seed size.
  • Boron is critical during reproduction and is essential for maintaining sugar and starch balances, necessary during grain formation.
  • Manganese is responsible for chlorophyll formation and can aid in late season plant health that maximizes photosynthesis and better enables a last push for additional grain fill.
  • NanoBond™ NanoLiquid Technology delivers the N-K-B-Mn in GrainFiller through the process of endocytosis, instead of diffusion.
  • Through endocytosis, one nanoparticle can deliver countless nutrient ions, whereas in the typical process of diffusion, each nutrient ion must pass individually through the cell membrane.
    • More efficient delivery system
    • Enables a reduction in rates

APPLICATION: Corn, soybean, and wheat
RATE: 2 qt./A.
C 2 qts./A from R3-R5, with or without a fungicide
SB 2 qts./A from R4-R5, with or without a fungicide
W 2 qts./A from Feekes 10.1-10.5.3 (from when all Heads are out to when flowering is complete)


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