When you are a customer at Tri Ag you become a partner with us.  We are here to not just sell a product to you of a price sheet, but we are here to service what you buy from us so we can work with you to Maximize the ROI of Your Individual Farm.
Field Scouting

No one knows your fields like you do. But when you have an issue, our trained Agronomists can help you scout your fields to identify problems areas and develop Agronomic Solutions to mitigate issues and save your crops yield potential.


We have FAA certified drone pilots on staff and can fly fields if you are concerned about issues that you can not conveniently scout.

Recommendation Sheets

You have a lot to remember when it comes to correctly applying products to your crops.  When you are a customer of Tri Ag, we will create a Recommendation Sheet specific for your farm that you can keep in the cab of your planter or sprayer to help you remember rates and timing of application.

*As an applicator it is still your responsibility to read and understand product labels.

Customer Books

Every customer receives a customized "Customer Book" each year that includes an order summary, products sheets, contact information, recommendation sheets and other important information for the items purchased from Tri Ag.  

Totes and Caddy Systems

When you order bulk products (> 110 gallons), your chemistry is shipped in bulk shuttles with an accompanying pump and meter or caddy system.  


You are welcome to pick up your order at Tri Ag, however we will deliver products to you.  We have full time dedicated drivers to safely deliver products to you.

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