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We proudly carry a line of unique products that offer optimal crop residue decomposition, increased yields, and management of future or current stress. Learn more about our exciting products of BreakDown, SugarKick, and Revive.

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NEW FOR 2024!

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NEW! Higher yields with robust crop residues “tie-up” essential nutrients for the following year’s crop. We are excited to bring you a solution that can be used in the fall or the spring to breakdown this robust residue, releasing valuable plant nutrition and reducing the carbon penalty.


  • Why use Breakdown? Because that’s what it does…
    • Beneficial micro algae included!
  • A full spectrum source of soil microbe food, even more effective than fulvic acid.
  • Biochemically and nutritionally richer L-form amino acids with consistency of analysis.
    • Bacillus Bacteria species included to accelerate nutrient recycling
  • Enhanced degradation of crop residue, specifically the lignin and carbohydrates, decreases the carbon penalty leading to a positive yield response
    • Improved planting efficiency and accuracy
  • Less residue “hair-pinning” improves plant spacing, creating a more uniform crop with higher yield potential

FALL: Apply in a foliar spray with or without fall herbicide burndown products at 12.8 oz./A
SPRING: Apply in a foliar spray with or without spring burndown products at 12.8 oz./A

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NEW For the 2023 Crop!

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New for the 2023 crop, the Tri Ag proprietary product SugarKick™ was applied to over 250,000 acres! This rapid adoption speaks to its broad utility to provide benefits to a variety of crops both soil-applied and as a foliar additive.


  • Reduced carbon penalty.
  • Increased yields with improved stalk health & standability.
  • Stress Mitigation.
  • Increases in beneficial insects when applied foliar.

SugarKick™ can be used on all crops both soil applied with starter or UAN at side dress and as a foliar additive to both herbicide and fungicide applications.

IN-FURROW: 1 pt./A.
2X2/2x2x2/SIDEDRESS: 1 pt./A. – 1 qt./A.
FOLIAR: 1 qt./A.

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NEW For the 2024!
A Proactive Way to Manage Future or Current Stress

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NEW! Revive™ is included in both Vitaliz Gold (in-furrow row starter) and Elevate Plus (Foliar nutritional) as a proactive way to manage future or current stress. Sometimes, abiotic stresses (too hot/too cold/too wet/too dry) occur during the growing season and mitigating that stress may be warranted.


  • Re-establishes hormonal balance
    • When plant stress occurs, ethylene (stress hormone) levels rise in the plant, decreasing positive growth hormones. Revive brings your plants back to hormonal balance by decreasing ethylene.
  • Abiotic stress (i.e.: cold, heat, excessive rain, drought)
  • Facilitates recovery from injury
    • Abiotically stressed or injured plants will recover quicker after an application of Revive
  • Physical damage (i.e.: Hail, Frost, mechanical injury)
  • Facilitates Nitrogen uptake
    • Both Molybdenum and Cobalt help make field applied nitrogen plant available by helping the root system fix N

FOLIAR: Foliar apply to all crops (Corn, soybeans, wheat) experiencing stress or injury at 8-16 oz./A.
IN–FURROW: Proactively manage future stress while facilitating critical nutrient uptake during germination with an in-furrow application at 4 oz./A. in both Corn and Soybeans


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5.0 stars | 27 reviews
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