Issues are going to occur in your fields throughout the growing season.  Tri-Ag Products can provide you with solid Complete agronomic solutions specific to your individual farm.  At Tri-Ag we believe in optimal solutions for our customers, and not forcing manufacturer programs that may not be optimal for your needs.  We have long-standing relationships will all the industry technology leaders and access to all the newest industry technology.

At Tri-Ag we want to keep you informed of the various pest issues you may see in your fields.  Click on the following links for more information:

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Insects can negatively impact your crops very quickly. Tri-Ag agronomists have a complete array of pest mitigation solutions to identify issues and to provide you with the optimal product to minimize your insect issues.



Weeds will grow in your fields. We can help you solve your toughest weed problems from pre-plant burn down through the growing season. We provide Complete solutions for optimal control of your glyphosate resistant weeds.



Diseases occur throughout the growing season and will vary depending on many conditions, Tri-Ag will help you identify and provide you with Complete recommendations to minimize the impact of these issues.


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