Throughout our history Tri-Ag Products has been known to provide our customers with a Complete Solution for farming needs. We can assist you with a Complete understanding of the Development Phases of your crops.

The Complete Solution

  • Nutrients

    Nutrients are an important part of growing a healthy crop. Tri-Ag has a Complete solution of nutrients from our Proprietary Blends such as Boost and Kman, to Stoller Products, to our new line of Plant Power Products, to your macro NPK needs.

    Tri-Ag offers time tested nutrients to the newest Nutrient technology in the market place.
    Tri-Ag Proprietary line of products have helped our customers maximize their yield potential for a number of years.

    Tri-Ag now offers the complete line of Plant Power Products (P3). P3 products are based on Thermodynamic Technology. P3 products help plants with storing and releasing energy at the optimal time to maximize growth potential.

    Tri-Ag has a long-standing relationship with Stoller USA. Stoller products naturally enhance the genetic potential of plants. Plant Performance is based on the use of plant hormones, supporting nutrients and other hormone co-factors designed to ensure optimum hormone balance and activity.

    Tri-Ag offers a full line of fertilizer products including Starters, NH3, 28%, DAP/MAP, and Potash.

  • Seed

    Seed selection is key to starting your crop off to a good start. We offer a complete line of seed varieties from Beck’s. Whether you have Non-GMO needs or want the latest hybrid varieties, we have a Complete line of seed options.

    Tri-Ag offers the full line of Beck’s Seeds. We have aligned with Beck’s because they are not affiliated with just one technology platform, they have relationships with all the seed genetics companies and offer the widest variety of options to growers in our area.

  • Weeds

    Weeds will grow in your fields. We can help you solve your toughest weed problems from pre-plant burn down through the growing season. We provide Complete solutions for optimal control of your glyphosate resistant weeds.


    Diseases occur throughout the growing season depending on various conditions, Tri-Ag will help you identify and provide you with Complete recommendations to minimize the impact of these issues.


    Insects can impact your crops very quickly. Tri-Ag agronomists have a Complete toolbox of products to provide you with the optimal solution to minimize your insect issues.