Insects can negatively impact your crops very quickly. Tri-Ag agronomists have a complete array of pest mitigation solutions to identify issues and to provide you with the optimal product to minimize your insect issues.

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Weeds will grow in your fields. We can help you solve your toughest weed problems from pre-plant burn down through the growing season. We provide Complete solutions for optimal control of your glyphosate resistant weeds.


Diseases occur throughout the growing season and will vary depending on many conditions, Tri-Ag will help you identify and provide you with Complete recommendations to minimize the impact of these issues.

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After years of selling various seed companies products, Tri-Ag has aligned with Beck's Hybrids to be our exclusive line of Corn, Soybean, and Wheat seed offerings. Becks has spent millions of dollars researching the optimal genetic traits for Midwest growers.


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Tri-Ag Products offers an exclusive line of proprietary crop nutrients with a new wave of in-furrow, sidedress and foliar applications to promote root growth and enhance uniformed growth throughout the plants life cycle.

Crop Protection

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Crop Protection solutions are at the heart of Tri-Ag. Jack Moore started Tri-Ag in 1979 offering customers a diverse portfolio of crop protection chemicals that he recommended based on the needs of each individual grower to their respective needs.

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Established in 1979 as an independent retailer of seed, fertilizer & chemicals.

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We proudly serve a five state area:

  • Ohio
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  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
Family owned and operated, we provide sound agronomic recommendations tailored to each farmer.